Storybook STEM Product Line - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Storybook STEM Product Line

Hi y'all! It's been a while!  I have been working really hard, but also had a rough run with sick kiddos so I sorry to be so absent!

Brooke Brown and I have started a NEW product line that we are so proud of called Storybook Stem!   If you would love to know a quick back story on this unit- here are the nuts and bolts!  I LOVED Stem Fridays in my classroom and most often times I used projects from Brooke!  Well, my love of all things picture books led me to believe that wrapping it all together might be beneficial to others that wanted to try this out! Brooke was on quickly on board and here you have it!

Here is a quick look at what you will find in each unit:

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  1. Katie, this is incredible! My daughter loved your 2nd grade class a couple of years ago. Good luck with this new venture - I know you will be successful using your creative spirit and inspiring teaching skills.
    Cindy P

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