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Christmas in July, Superheroes, and a Freebie!

 So you might have been wondering where I ran away to!?!? I promise I am still alive and ticking. I am just in the middle of life with a newborn and a puppy (who is much harder than the baby).  AND did I mention I killed my Mac?!?! Super sad face. Yes, it was one of those super mom moments where I was baby wearing, working on the computer, and trying not to step on the puppy. Or maybe not so super mom because I spilled my drink on the keyboard of my Air. My husband is going to take it to the Apple store on Wednesday, but if you have any success stories for recovering a computer...they would make me feel better!

SO...that in a nutshell is why I am a week behind in Christmas in July!

Each day I will feature a few items from my store and put those items on sale for 20% off.  Since Back to School is heavy on everyone's mind, today's deal is my Superhero Unit!

I promised some ideas to go along with that packet so... HERE you go!

First up is my door from last year.  I LOVE THIS DOOR!  For real, my favorite that I have done...ever!

Here is a little review on how I did the door from last year:

I got the idea here!  To make the door happen....

1. I covered my door in blue paper and added the border and letters.

2.  Next I googled "Kid superhero silhouettes"  and THIS is the image I used.

3.  I saved the image and inserted it into PowerPoint so that I could make it exactly the size I wanted.

***After a few tries I realized that if I just unplugged my board from the wall I could trace on my Smartboard without activating the screen.  I am sure most of you would have thought of that, BUT it was a total ah ha moment for me!

 Something else I started last year was my classroom binder!  I know many of you know about binder systems.  My students took the binder back and forth from home every day.  I will have five sections: Our Classroom, Spelling, Homework, Math, and Reading.  
 You can find the binder cover and and this 1st day of school note by clicking on the picture below! 

Next is a picture I found on Pinterest and ADORE!  

My plan is to take pictures of my kids like the image above and turn it into a writing prompt.  I have pages in my Superhero Back to School Packet that ask my kids about what kind of superhero they would be, what their special talent is, etc.  Bam! Pow! There is my first hallway display!

 Last but not least, here are my posters that I do with my kids.  I really, really don't like having a list of rules in my room that start with "do not" instead I like to focus on characteristics that I want my students to display!  These posters are the perfect way to do that!

Here is a sneak view of what all is in the unit!  

If you head to my TPT can snag this little paper below from downloading my preview!

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it in between bouncing a baby and chasing my wild puppy!

Can I leave you with a cute picture of my TWO-month old?!?! 

Make sure you come back for tomorrow's deal!

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  1. Hopeful vibes for your Air! I am loving the super heroes theme! Good luck on going back to school with a baby!

  2. If you have the remote for your Smartboard, there is a "freeze" button on the top right. I use it when I trace pictures for charts or projects, but it is also nice to be able to freeze the screen that the kids see while you use the computer.

    Just a tip :)
    The Big Apple Teacher


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