Book Review with Emmie: Maple - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Book Review with Emmie: Maple

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know that I am slightly obsessed with taking the kids to Barnes and Noble  for a "treat."  Okay-it's a treat for Mrs. King too :) BUT every once in a while my husband will gently remind me of this thing called the public library. So last week Emmie, Smith, and I did a speed visit.  Don't know what a speed visit is? Take a newborn into any quiet place and you will quickly learn! 

One of the books I found was this precious book: Maple!

I am in a very exciting position at school where Nash and Emmie will be in 2nd grade and 1st grade which means we will all three be on the same hall.  Emmie can't even stand her excitement for being a big first grader so I though I would use her help on this blog post!  First of all I just want to brag on Nash and Emmie's kindergarten teacher (they had the same one because we adored her so much!).  Never once did either of them feel the pressure that our school systems are putting on our young kindergartners.  Their teacher kept learning FUN and EXCITING and they both adore learning.  I am so impressed by the language they use when talking about books.  They make connections and predictions. They even critique the writing and illustrations! ha!

I am going to first tell you how I am going to be using this book in my classroom and then I am going to let Emmie take over. As a writing workshop teacher, every time I read a book I think about how I can use a book to show my students how to be authors. I will be using this book very early on in the year during our Narratives unit.  My favorite way to "use" a book for Writers Workshop is to read my students the book say at the end of the day and then refer back to it during my mini lesson the next day (actually throughout the rest of the year we will learn from it). My focus for my mini lesson with this book would be the actual structure of the story.  

 Maple starts out with a wonderful life...just her and her tree!

Then like all narratives, there is some kind of problem/struggle/conflict. 

Maple's struggle is one that many first and second graders can relate to- a new baby!

Then Maple learns to share something she loves with her new baby sister.  The sharing just happens to lead to a solution in her problem! 

I think the bare bones structure of the story will allow my second graders to analyze and implement the structure in their own writing!

Now- what Emmie has to say!!!

"I give this book 5 out of 5 apples, because Maple has a baby just like I do!  I think Maple and her sister will grow up to be good friends. I think the tree is pretty too!"

"This is my favorite part!"

I wasn't allowed to share the picture with you...seems I have a bit of a perfectionist on my hands!  

Hopefully Emmie and I will find some more great books to share with you soon.  This one is definitely finding a place on my classroom shelf. 

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  3. Thank you for sharing this story. I really enjoyed it and will be purchasing the book soon. Emmie you did a great job too!

  4. Thank you for sharing this story. I really enjoyed it and will be purchasing the book soon. Emmie you did a great job too!

  5. Love that Emmie helped! I am on the board at our local library and have had to take Susie there several times. They just have to deal with her when she gets loud.

  6. Cute book! So many kids can relate to the problem. Will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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