Work it Wednesday: Week 2 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Work it Wednesday: Week 2

WELCOME! I hope y'all enjoyed the Work It: Wednesday posts from last week, because I know I sure did!  I cannot even express how thankful I am that we as teachers get this time every year to focus on US! 

I am on Day 8 of the Advocare 24 day Challenge and LOVING the results so far.  I snuck a weigh-in on Day 7 and was down 4 lbs. I really wanted something to help me jumpstart my progress and this challenge is doing just that!  I have tons of energy and am still eating plenty to keep Smith and me happy :)  If you want to learn more about the Challenge you can follow me on Instagram  or email me at  

Smith is exactly a month old today (Holy cow that went quickly) so I felt comfortable adding in hand weights into my daily workouts.  I REALLY love slinging around heavy weights at the gym, but I will wait for my doctor's approval before I start that- ha!

Check out my SweatShop ha! We had just gotten back from our 2 1/2 mile walk and I felt like working out my shoulders.  I did not continue lifting weights throughout my pregnancy like I had intended to do so I am sticking to my 8s and 5s for now!

Remember when I said I am still eating a lot??? Ha! I really am!  I am paying intention to ingredients and tracking everything in My Fitness Pal. 

I also think I am getting a pretty good workout by baby wearing! Ha!  I still have two older children that need lots of attention too. 

And last but not least... I am taking progress pictures. I actually don't *love* this part right now, but I know I will be very thankful for the pictures soon!

And just because I don't want to leave you with a selfie of me (ha!)... here is a picture of Smith "meeting" the Atlantic Ocean for the first time!

I can't wait to read your entries!

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  1. My boys and I love to eat spaghetti squash with the turkey sausage in it. It's super yummy! Smith looks super adorable in his hat and swimsuit! Thanks for hosting this link up. I really needed some motivation and this is really helping.

    The Learning Chambers

  2. Girl you got this!!! I plan on grabbing your coattails and having you pull me along with you:) Got to LOVE spark!!!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. Looking good! Keep it up! I am so glad you are doing this!

  4. You are looking great! Thanks for hosting this. I'll definitely be linking up weekly.

  5. Keep up the great work! You are amazing.

  6. SO INSPIRING! Thanks for creating this link-up to keep us all accountable and ENCOURAGED. I just linked up my first WIW post!
    -Lindsey Petlak
    It's Elementary, My Dear!

  7. Katie your posts are so inspiring!! I can't believe Smith is already a month old! We are definitely down for a walk through Palmetto Park some time! Just let me know what works for you :) Keep up the amazing work!!

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