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Love is in the Air!!!

My Emmie is a prolific writer.  I know not all kids like to write (Nash was hesitant at first), but Emmie has always felt comfortable with a writing utensil in her hand!  Lately she has been coming home from school to write books.  Her teacher has done a fabulous job teaching her the language she needs to express what kind of books she wants to write.  She likes to write All About books, Pattern books, and lately she has started to write narratives.  {Seriously how AMAZING is it that kindergarteners are able to express this!!!}

She has paused production on ALL types of writing except Valentine Poems... here is a sampling of her work: 

Like MANY of you, we spent an evening doing valentine notes for our classmates!

My students are getting in the spirit too!  One child brought me flowers yesterday "Just because..."  She didn't realize how perfect her timing was!  I am having a little case of pregnancy brain right now as I picked up my keys, put them in my bag, and then proceeded to spend twenty minutes searching my house for my keys. I even called my husband and fussed at him for hiding my keys. Good thing he loves me even though I am crazy! :)

I wanted to do something simple and sweet for our parents of Valentine's Day.  I had a mom come in and take a picture of my kids pretending like they were holding on to a rope.  There is a pretty blue wall outside my room that we used as a background.  She found that they did better when they were standing on a small stool BUT please don't tell my principal that we let them stand on a stool!

After she took the pictures we printed them, cut them very close to the edge of their bodies, laminated, and then cut again. TIP: I prefer my home laminator as the film is thinker than the kind we have at school!  I ordered a set of bookmark tassels from Amazon.  I simply punched a hole in the top of the laminating and looped the tassels through. 

I am 99.9% positive their parents will LOVE these bookmarks

Tomorrow I have to take my dreaded Glucose screening so I left red construction paper for the kids to make notes for their parents.  I gave them a suggested tagline, but really it is up to them what they write AND as a mommy I can wholeheartedly say--- handwritten is the best kind of valentine to receive!

We will be exchanging valentines on Friday and having a small snack.  My boys (and their moms haha) are turning out to be super creative with their boxes!

And just because.... here is my 25 week baby bump picture! I am not big on pictures during my pregnancy but I am trying to savor every minute of this last-go-around-baby-number-three pregnancy!

Check back in with me this weekend to see what family present we are getting for Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. What a cute idea for parent gifts!!! Love those expressions!
    -Lovely Nina


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