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Time Tutor Unit in Action

I was able to assess my students on Time yesterday and I thought I would write/reflect about how the unit went.

My students loved the posters above because they were able to refer to them throughout our unit!

The first time that I taught a.m. and p.m. I was shocked how difficult of a concept those middle of the "night" or early "morning" hours were to grasp.

We used the above center as a whole group activity to clear up any confusions about he difficult concept!

My cuties LOVE anything hands on.  Our analog clocks stayed on our desks for two weeks straight.  Lots of times throughout the day we stopped, dropped, and showed the time! :)

We also found that quarter after/quarter until was VERY hard when we first encountered it. 

Lots and LOTS of practice helped us get ahold of this tricky one!

Crack me up! I also discovered that a student struggling with any time concept was more than happy to  try once they were able to use the Judy Clock! Apparently it has magical powers!

Last year when I put this unit together, I included a review booklet to use the day before our assessment.  My kids always love a good mini-book! 

And just for giggles- check out this illustration! I LOVE that she understands how her mother portions her dinners.   ***Just in case you can't tell that last one says "carbohydrates."  What a smartie!

If you follow me on instagram (queenof1stjungle) or fb, then you know that I had an INCREDIBLE weekend in Atlanta at the Ron Clark Academy.  I will be blogging about my experience this weekend.  My thinking on the delay is that I want to make sure to highlight the impact that the experience is already having on my classroom.  

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