Late to the Party as Usual - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Late to the Party as Usual

My winner is well aware of her good fortune...
 BUT it is only fair I share the news with the rest of you!!
We wanted to THANK  every single person that participated in this giveaway. We never dreamed that it would turn out to be such a HUGE event. On our final giveaway, we had just shy of 70,000 entries! THAT is CRAZY...and yet another reason that I love teachers! Also one more thank you to our sponsors for donating such fabulous prizes and for being such big cheerleaders for teachers. Make sure you show them lots of love and follow them on Facebook. If you missed those links, you can check them out again right {HERE}. We can't wait for our Back to School Bash 2014! 

 Many of our sponsors know how much money teachers pour and invest into their classrooms and students. So, they have been extremely generous {once again} and have provided coupons to help cut down on expenses. You will find several coupon codes below!  

Now! Here we go... 

{All winners have already been contacted via the email address that you entered into Rafflecopter. If your name appears below, please check your email and respond with the information requested.}
And our GRAND PRIZE Winner...

Congratulations to all of our winners! We hope you enjoy your prizes! 

For those of you that did not win and would like to get your shop on, here are some coupons to help you out! 

Silhouette America

Silhouette offers a 20% off ongoing discount. Register at by clicking {HERE}.  

Erin Condren

Visit Erin Condren now until August 15: Enter "TEACHERLOVE" at checkout and receive 10% off {Teachers' category only}. 

Put a Case on Me

Visit Put a Case on Me and input code "back2school" and receive 10% off of your entire order! 

Tiny Dazzles

Visit Tiny Dazzles for some Back to School shopping! We know every teacher loves her accessories! 

We hope you enjoyed our Back to School Bash! Congrats again to all of our winners! Wishing all of our teacher friends a fabulous start to a brand new year! 


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  1. AW, SHUCKS! I was late to the party, and therefore missed EVERYTHING. But, I did just order myself a fancy new mustache phone cover with the discount code! Thanks for sharing!!

    Mr. First Grade


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