Techy Teacher Tuesday- on Wednesday - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Techy Teacher Tuesday- on Wednesday

When is Spring Break?

I kid- sort of :)  

Thursday and Friday of last week I went to a Technology conference for the State. I can't believe how much I learned!  I hope to gradually share little tidbits with you all through these weekly technology posts. 

As you know, I am a 1:1 ipad classroom. I have had TONS of questions about how I received these devices.  I wish I could tell you there was an easier way to find this pot of gold!  The fact is- my district made 21st Century Skills and Technology a HUGE priority.  We have a 1:1 Kindergarten and a 1:1 First Grade and each elementary classroom in our district has at least 5 ipads (our fifth grades have a total of 50 to share). 

My kids are extremely tech saavy and independent on their devices.  Yes- they are their devices (for the year at least).  They are in charge of their ipads. 

We use them to enhance our learning, to demonstrate learning, and to differentiate our learning. 

The techy tip I have for today will be beneficial to even those who only have access to one ipad.  My librarian has been talking about QR codes for awhile now, and I never really paid it much attention.  But yesterday she sat me down and showed my how easy it was to create QR codes.  You all- my mind was blown.  If there is such thing as magic- it exists in QR codes.  I will never understand how it works. I just know that is does and my kids LOVE it.

To create the codes I used the website QRstuff to create a page that looks like this...

I then placed the QR codes around the room.  We used an app called I-nigma (free) to scan the codes.  Next my students did a very techy/21st Century Version of Reading/Writing the Room!

Once they scanned the codes, a sentence containing their -AR word popped up on the screen!

Magic I tell you!

Apparently my excitement with my discovery was just oozing out of me, because Catherine over at the Brown Bag Teacher tried her hand at QR codes too.  She even has a great little freebie for you!  
Click on her button to check it out!
The Teacher Wife

I almost forgot- the winners of my giveaway are Stacy, Amber, and Jennifer! I have already emailed the ladies.  Thank you all SO much for playing along.

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  1. QR codes rock for so many things! I created a QR code with all of my contact info and placed it at my door for "meet the teacher" this past year! It worked great and the parents loved it! :)

  2. Katie - you are IN MY BRAIN!! We are working on QR codes right now! We need to chat about it!!

  3. I have done this with my students and some iPads! We have 20 for our whole school, so the computer teacher and I borrowed them and did a "read the school" activity with QR codes. The kids LOVED it and I want to do it again! I am literally begging for more iPads for my own classroom because they are awesome!


    Blooming In First

  4. I love QR codes. My kids do too. I have a few QR freebies on my blog too.

  5. I just did a fraction activity and used QR codes. My kids loved it. I am working on a grant right now for some ipad minis. Right now we just use my iPhone , an old iPhone, and an touch. They can't get enough!!


  6. I would love to be a 1:1 iPad classroom! I love how independent your firsties are with them! Mine love the QR codes, too. Again, thanks for the wonderful monthly units! ADORE THEM! :)

  7. I am a Kindergarten Digital Classroom (1:1 iPads and 6 Macbooks). It is amazing what even the youngest students can create and accomplish with these devices. Thank you for your Tech Tuesday! I always search out great digital resources to learn about and share!

  8. Thank you for the QR site, I need to try this!!! :)

  9. I just became a 1:1 classroom too! We just jumped on the QR craze this week, too. I use them during Daily 5 centers and it keeps the kids so engaged and motivated! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  10. I SO wish we had AN iPad let alone a class set. This all looks amazing! QR codes add such a great component to learning. Love it all and I'm totally jealous! haha

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  12. Thanks sooooo much for the great idea. I made a quick ryhming activity and here are my students in action. (With my activity linked in through google docs)

  13. Fixed the Google doc to shared so you can all get it now :)

  14. I'm with Traci up above - I wish I had iPads. Our principal was talking about them the other day though so I think I may go have a little chat with her and see what the possibilities are of getting even ONE for the classroom!


    Fun in the Fours

  15. This looks like so much fun! My kiddos are obsessed with QR codes. I have a QR code math scavenger hunt freebie if you're interested in using it with your little ones.:)

    iTeach 1:1

  16. I am so excited about using QR codes in my room! Do you know if it is possible to use pictures?

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