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Sunday Thoughts,a Freebie, and a Sale

Yesterday I drove to Cincinatti (about 2 and a half hours for me) to see some sweet friends that I have made through blogging.  Would you be at all surprised if I told you that we talked for 4 hours?!?!
Amanda from One Extra Degree
Abby from The Inspired Apple
Michelle from Fabulous in First
Rebecca from Darlin' in First
Christi from  Ms. Fultz's Corner
Jessica from Second Grade Nest (eek instagram cut Jessica out!)
Jodi from Fun in First
Lisa from Fourth and Ten

 I was also able to do some shopping with Michelle at IKEA! I have never been to this place before and oh-my-word--- my world was rocked. That place is MASSIVE.  I did not know there were places you could check your kids into a daycare in order for you to shop!?!

I brought Nash and Emmie home some new watercolors and drawing paper!  They loved them! Of course mommy did some shopping too.

My kids are doing a super job with two digit addition, but I just want to make sure that they understand everything behind what we are doing.  My biggest fear is that they learn how to follow directions enough to get by but don't get the big concept of group of tens and groups of ones.  Anyone else feel that way?

So I threw together this little freebie to review some tougher language.  Click on the picture to download.

I also decided that since many of you are teaching St. Patrick's Day this week that I would put all my March stuff on SALE for today only!

Here's to a great week!

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  1. Could not download the Number Talk freebie. Thanks

  2. oops! Forgot to link it! It is fixed now Pam!

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  4. I'm glad you had a nice time at the meetup...I'm envious! :) I've never been to IKEA but I've had dreams about it!!!!

  5. Yes, I have the same feeling! I work on tens and ones, but I have the same fear that they can just follow directions but not actually understand how numbers work. I wish I knew what to do to make them understand! Thanks for the freebie! I will have to see if it helps my kiddos!

    Blooming In First

  6. I love IKEA! I always end up buying waaaay more than I planned! Luckily ours is nearly an hour away so I don't get there too often ;)

    Thanks for the freebie... What an awesome idea for checking understanding! I'll be using it using it with some of my older Receptions this week :)


    Early Years Fun

  7. Looks like a fun group of ladies! And thanks for the freebie. Anytime I can reinforce WHY we regroup, I can. You're completely right...our kiddos may be able to do it, but I know mine struggle to explain why sometimes.

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  8. Bought your centers last time they were on sale. Put them in math tubs and my kiddos are LOVING them...and so am I!

    For the Love of First Grade

  9. It was so great to finally meet the "busy teacher" IRL....OMG! I can't wait to meet-up again! I vote Chi-town this summer!
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

  10. Oh no! I have been cut out! :-P

    I had a ton of fun meeting everyone! Can't wait to do it again!

    Second Grade Nest

  11. Oh I just love IKEA! I could easily spend hours & hours in there. Thanks for the freebie :)

    Lovely Literacy & More

  12. The first time that I visited IKEA, I was so overwhelmed by the size of it all I just walked around in awe, lol! I've been there enough times now that I can comfortably get my shop on. Sadly, my little sweeties are both too big to visit the kid's room any longer so now they're shopping too! =)

    A+ Firsties

  13. Thanks for the freebie! I completely agree with you about the importance of conceptual understanding in math rather than just following a procedure.


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