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Techy Tuesday on Wednesday and **February Busy Teacher Posted**

....On Wednesday

So Sorry!  Here are my two excuses for not posting yesterday: 1. I left my ipad at school so I didn't have the pictures I wanted to share.  2. I was up to my eyeballs in the February Busy Teacher.  Don't believe me?


If you want an even closer look you can download these 2 freebies in the preview!

So back to the techy part of the post.  I have another FREE and Fabulous App for you called Socrative.

What is so great about Socrative is that I can set mini quizzes (or in my district we call them Exit Slips) and get the report emailed to me instantaneously.

Here is how I make it work in my room:  I teach a mini-lesson.  They demonstrate their learning in under 2 minutes.  I can reteach or move on based on the results!

Cool, right?

My class and I like to look at the reports together (minus the names!) as soon as the kids are finished and analyze their answers.

Here is an example of my report today:

The first 2 questions were multiple choice and the second two were short answer. I love everything about this app.  The zero grading or recording, the time that I get back, etc.

If you are intrigued, here is a video to find out more.

I hope you love this app as much as I do!  If you are interested in linking up, here you go:

Guidelines for entering Linky Party:
1.  Link directly to your blog post, not just your blog.
2. You CAN use an older post, it just needs to be about something techy (whether for blogging or classroom advice).
3.  Have fun!

I can't wait to read your posts!

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  1. Love all the Busy Teachers and I will have to look at the new app!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I'm so excited you posted about this app! I JUST found out yesterday that my school now has 4 IPads that we can check out for a day. Not ideal....but it's a start! So, now I'm collecting idas for what I can do with them.

    Primary Inspired

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to link up! I'm a fellow Kentucky teacher! :-) Love your blog posts, as always!

    Second Grade Nest

  4. That app looks awesome. I'm going to have to def. get it for our school. We can only add new apps in the summer :( I love exit slips as a way to see if learning targets were met, and this app looks PERFECT! Thank you for sharing.

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  5. You are so techy! I am not! Looks like a fun time in your room! I can't wait to dig into the BTP!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  6. Love that app! So wishing I had a class of Ipads for my room! Our school just received a class set of Ipod touches that they wrote a grant for, but so far only 3rd grade is allowed to use them! LUCKIES! LOL! Saving this post for future references!

    The Applicious Teacher

  7. I am sooo enjoying your techy posts as I am so close to being a piolt 1:1 ipad classroom. Thanks for all your great ideas an inspirations. :0)


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