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Techy Teacher Tuesday

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Hi friends!  As you know, I have the extreme fortune of having a class set of ipads to use EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Here we are on the very first day of school using our ipads to photgraph important parts of our school building.

I love using the ipads for instruction, engagement, and extension of learning!

Today I wanted to tell you all about a FREE app called ShowMe.

This app has ENDLESS amounts of potential.  You can record your voice and insert pictures into little presentations.

My first thought was that I would use it for directions or a reteach during centers when I am unavailable.

For example, a little out of our league, but here is an example of a video in which I demonstrated multiplication using ShowMe.

Just this past week we started using the ShowMe for a much cooler goal and that is to demonstrate learning! My students have been creating presentations on words that start with the ch digraph, proper and common nouns, and their weekly vocabulary words.

Because silly me forgot to bring home any students ipads (and it is sleeting so I am NOT going back over to school) to show off one of their presentations, here is an example of the types of presentations they have been creating.

Excuse my little girl voice and my son trying to interrupt us :)

Here are a couple of my kids in action taking pictures of nouns.... got to love a good selfie :)

They then used this pictures in their presentations.

Our FAVORITE thing right now, is to search the web through the app to get images that we need for our presentations.

See all the great images that popped up for school!

 I cannot say enough about this free app.  I think there is such power in giving your students the tools to express themselves creatively in all aspects of life.  I am amazed everyday by what they can teach me about these pieces of technology! I hope you learned something and will be coming back for more next week!  If you have anything to share PLEASE link up below.

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  1. WOW! I am so impressed with the fact that you have those iPads to use with your students! ahhhh...a teacher can dream-I'll keep this idea in my "someday"file! Thank you for sharing:)
    The Teacher’s Chair
    Find me on Facebook!
    Happy Pinning!

  2. Katie - It is soooo wonderful to see your ipad ideas! We have six iPads per classroom...just got them this year and we've just made a teeny-weeny dent into their potential. Thanks so much for sharing and showing pix and vids of your fabulousness!
    Growing Firsties

  3. That looks like so much fun! :) I teach in a super rural school. We have four computers in our classroom and that's about it. :) I love the idea that the kids have access to programs to express themselves as you mentioned. We will be starting some research projects for black history month...what I wouldn't give to have those IPADS for that! :) Thanks for sharing! :) Looking forward to seeing what other fun your kids can drum up this year!!! :)

    Mrs. Russell's Room-First Grade

  4. I have one iPad for my classroom and I have the "show me" app on it but I had no idea it could do all of this! Thanks for sharing! I linked up my techy post from last week!


  5. I really need to work on using the three new iPad I just got for my classroom. I've used ShowMe before, but after reading this, I've come up with better ideas! Thanks for sharing and hosting.

    Fun in Room 4B

  6. I'm so envious, but so happy for your cute kids!!! What an incredible learning tool! I just got one myself to use in class and at home, but I haven't heard about that app yet. Thanks for all of the info. and for hosting such an awesome linky Katie :) :)

  7. Great idea Katie! I have 2 iPads in my room and we just started working on nouns. Think I may work this project into my iPad center! Thanks!


  8. What are the apps you are using in the first set of 2 pictures with boys? One is a cat sentence and the other looks like he is using a book with the app... Thanks!! Would like to add these to my classroom iPad. :)


  9. I just wrote this on my post but I am SO jealous you have an iPad for each student! We have two for each classroom and I can see the endless possibilities with having a class set! That's awesome :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  10. Ooooh I wish I had iPads for all of my kids! There are soo many cool things you can do! I have one for my classroom (which I just got last week, yay!), and my personal one that I will bring in sometimes if there are certain activities I plan to do.

    Thanks soo much for hosting this great linky! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  11. That's awesome that you have a class set of iPads! I will definitely be checking out that app. Thanks for letting us link up! :)


  12. This is a fabulous post and makes me eager to try new things with our classroom iPad. I only have one iPad for 26 students.... Would love to know how teachers in my predicament are handling and utilizing the one for such large class size?
    Thanks so much for a great resource!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  13. I love that they look so natural in their hands- your sweeties need to hold a tech class for some faculties:)


    Going Nutty!

  14. Wow! How awesome for your kiddos to each have an iPad. I love the cool stuff you're doing with them. I'm going to link up an older post. I'm excited to check out all the awesome tech tips!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  15. Hi Katie
    We were given iPads from our PTA for the teachers and then we have a floating iPad lab to use. It's great to have them in their little hands isn't it?
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  16. That is so awesome that you have a class set. I can't even imagine all the potential for use there. I think you are doing such good things with them for your students.

  17. That is awesome that you have iPads for the whole class. There are so many great activities and learning opportunities on there. I'm a new follower - how did you get a class set? Was this something PTA purchased?

    Team V's First Grade Fun

  18. I am so glad I found your blog! I am getting a class set of iPads in a few weeks and will be piloting them for my school. I am super excited but in the process of figuring out what I want on them and how to use them. I am looking forward to reading your tips!
    Literacy Spark

  19. It amazes me how well they can navigate on them-I'm still trying to figure it out myself! :) Great ideas. We only have one-but will definitely be trying out some of those-thanks for sharing!


  20. Thank you for hosting this linky's my first one! There are a ton of great ideas on here and I'm excited to try some of them out!

  21. Hi! I couldn't comment on your newest post so I will comment on this one! I love the girl Ashley made for you! She made mine too and I LOVE it!!


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