**New Unit Posted and MUCH more** - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

**New Unit Posted and MUCH more**

I have so much to post about- it must be put in a numbered format--
1. My *NEW* Beachy unit is posted! Can you tell where my head is?? I feel like half my heart is here in the gorgeous Bluegrass state and the other half is on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina.  My unit will be on Sale with the rest of my store through the teacher appreciation sale!  Here are just a few of my favorites below- 
Click on any picture to check it out!

103 pages of Beachy goodness! If this unit sells well- I plan on doing a Math set too!

2. My good friend and fabulous Blog Designer ***Jena Snowden*** is having a Blog Design giveaway!!! PLEASE go check it out.  She also designed adorable Christie's new look:


3. My chickees are SOOOO cute!  Look here-I am one proud momma!

4. Last week was Teacher Appreciation at my son's school. I thought I would do a LITTLE something each day for his two teachers. Yes- sounds like a lot I know- but I made it happen for 25 dollars altogether (I swear I did! My hubby holds tight to those purse strings :) ).

Monday- Big Granny Smith Apples with a cute note that said "Apples for the Teacher"
Tuesday- Candy jars with Hershey kisses with a cute note that said "Teachers can't survive on apples alone- Hugs for the teacher!"
Wednesday- Brownies with yet another cute note- "Nash is shooting for Brownie Points!"
Thursday- Chalkboards outlined with crayons
Friday- Small containers of Wave petunias

Here some pictures:

To show my appreciation for you all- head on over and check out that sale :)

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  1. Such cute ideas! Love the "brownie points!" Your new unit looks great! My mind is totally beached out, too!


  2. I bet they were dying to see what they would get each day! How fun!

  3. Love the brownies!


  4. So cute Katie! I love the name Nash too. You're just cute all around!:) Thank you for posting about the give away too! I just posted about teacher appreciation stuff I did for my team.

    Thanks again!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  5. Such a fun post and how cute is your little guy in his shades holding the brownies?!?! Your unit looks very fun and bubbly festive for the end of the year. Chirp chirp....those chicks are adorable. I love how they are all huddled together for chicky snuggle time. Fun!


    Sprinkle Teaching Magic


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