Last Day of *Sale* and Teacher Appreciation Giveaway - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Last Day of *Sale* and Teacher Appreciation Giveaway

Just a few things in my shop I would like for you to check out:

 My latest packet- and my favorite clipart yet- it is packed full of 10 literacy centers/activities!

 My best seller!

 My most challenging packet and a perfect addition to end of the year 1st grade classroom.

And lastly- my most diverse unit! 
Click on any picture to check them out and don't forget to enter TAD12!!!

I also wanted to give you all a chance to win something as part of Teacher Appreciation Week!
My good friend and fabulous librarian, Kathy, makes these great cork key chains. Here is a picture of mine:

Kathy gave me permission to put up this key chain below for a giveaway! Perfect for summer- right???
All you have to do to enter the giveaway is like both of us on facebook! Easy enough right??

Kathy's facebook (York's Corks- too cute!):

My facebook:

Leave a comment for both entries and I will announce the winner on Friday after school!!!
p.s. 7 days of school left!

your photo name


  1. LOVE the key chain and your blog! Going to check out your packets and units now! =)

  2. I went to FB and "liked" your page...thanks for sharing all your great ideas and work! =)

  3. I also "liked" and commented on York's Corks page...

  4. I "liked" you on FB!


  5. "Liked" York's Corks too!

    So jealous that you only have 7 days left! We have 21....


  6. I like your facebook page!

  7. I like York's Corks facebook page!

  8. I liked York's Corks fb page!


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