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Math Work Station Bliss

I got to go home (and by home I mean where I grew up!) to Charleston for a wedding this weekend! In between rehearsal dinners and wedding obligations, we snuck in some precious beach time!

I came back to gym duty and a room full of kids that missed me so much it was like I was "gone forever" in their words (I missed one whole day). We jumped right back into Math Work Stations. I have been meaning to post some pictures of my kids hard at work!

This little girl and her partner are playing "Number Line Squeeze" an Everyday Math game. She is guessing the number and her partner is answering with clues of "No, it is less than... or no it is greater than."
This pair is also playing an Everday Math game- Top it- one of my favorites. We are really concentrating on our language "12 is greater than 9."

We borrowed this game from the fabulous Cara Carroll and I can't get enough!The girls are rolling a pair of dice and putting the addition sentences in the correct sum columns!

My boys are playing the "egg carton game" (not really sure what the correct term is), but they are rolling the die and adding counters. Once they reach ten they say "I have ten and a group of..."

This dot pattern game comes from Ms. Arnold over at Oceans of First Grade. I unfortunately could not find the exact post, but trust me when I say I am doing you a favor by having you look for it. There are hundreds of fabulous ideas for Math Work Stations on her blog!!!

This little lady is working on a Debbie Diller station. She is drawing a card and starting to write her numerals from the number that she drew. So essential that students count on from any point. We have also adapted this game to counting by 5s and 2s. I caught two of my boys skip counting by 3s! Wow!

This pair is working on what looks like a blank 100 chart, but really they are helping Owl find his friends. The game will prompt them with a random number and they will have to use what they know about the hundred chart to find him. I. LOVE. THIS. GAME.

And to finish....I couldn't include a picture of one of my darlings and not the other. Here is princess Emmie enjoying the surf!

I hope I included something that you could use! I will be back tomorrow with a fantastic book for sums of ten!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these math ideas! Definitely putting some into my rotations in January! Thank you!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  2. I have a cool addition to top-it. I made a set the kids could cut out and take home to play with mom and dad, but there is 1 new card in the deck. It's the Mrs. Hite (my name) card. It has my name and a little stick pic of me. I teach the kids that Mrs. Hite tops EVERYTHING! The kids LOVE it! They can also make a card with their stick person on it instead to play at home so they top everything.


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