Clouds - Queen of the First Grade Jungle


I wanted this...

Found here at The Techy Teacher.

So I made my own version. Let's be honest-- I will jump for joy if All my kids know the four basic types---cumulus, cirrus, stratus, cumulonimbus-- when we have our assessment.

My kids LOVED them! They have talked about clouds nonstop for a week and a half now! Here is a sweet picture of them together!

And a close-up up with one of my cuties and his "Cloud Frame" in action!

I have a recording sheet HERE!

For some reason I can't save the document to a pdf without it going all crazy on me-- and since I should be off the clock for the weekend--- I don't really feel like fighting it! If you would like a copy of my cloud frame-- shoot me an email at Thank you Gena at The Techy Teacher for the inspiration.

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  1. This is SO cute! My boyfriend teaches first grade, I will pass this idea along! Have you ever tried creating a cloud in a bottle? Your 1st graders might like it! Here's a link with the general idea:

  2. Ohhh Courtney! Thanks for that link! Can't wait to add it to my Water Cycle plans for next week!

  3. You are welcome my dear! :) I don't assess on the cloud types, so this is just for fun. We are actually doing clouds next week, so good timing! I'm going to repost about it next week.

    Gena :)

  4. Very cute idea! We don't do clouds until Earth science after the first of the year but I have tucked this away into that folder for when the time arrives! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this! I'll send you an email in a minute, but in the meantime, I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  6. I love this cloud finder idea. Thank you for posting it!

  7. Super cute cloud idea!!! Thanks so much! {Hope your kiddos enjoy the apple activities!}
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  8. I love this idea! We'll definitely be doing this, thanks for sharing.


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