Reentering the blogging world - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Reentering the blogging world

I apologize for such a long hiatus, but trust me when I tell you -- it was needed. With the traumatic events at the end of the year, I spun into major reflection, but not necessarily the productive kind (pretty sure that would just be called second-guessing/worrying and not reflection then). But after a long ten days in the greatest place on Earth-- Charleston, SC... Im going to dip my toes back into the refreshing waters of the blogosphere, because I have missed my friends oh so much!
I actually met a fellow blogger on the beach (her adorable daughter Lilly played so well with Nash and Emmie)... and although she blogs about fashion and other stylish things that I know nohing about-- we shared the same love for the creativity we experience through the process of blogging. In the looong drive home I have spent many hours perusing her site and think you should check it out too because it is just Oh So Fabulous! And like I told her- teachers can be fabulous too right :) Look Linger Love Tell Chassity I sent you!

And also to help get us all back in the swing of things here is a document that I plan on including in the Take-Home binders (more on this to come later) for my class this year...

Change of Transportation

I definitely did not come up with this idea on my own- I got this idea from the fantastic Deanna Jump but just changed it to match the theme of my classroom ( you can see her version here: Mrs. Jump's Class)

Thank you for being patient in my absence and once again, I am SO glad to be blogging again!


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  1. So GREAT to 'see' you back here in Blogworld!!! I am continuing to pray for all of you! I watched the news report online about how Stephanie's coworkers were so supportive in donating hours and money. I will be praying as your school year starts up again in a month or so! Welcome back!
    Thanks, Nancy
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  2. Alright, you're back! It was so nice meeting you and your sweet kids! Lilly talked about them for the following few days :)

    And thanks for such kind words and the link over! I'm blushing :)

  3. Your form turned out adorable! I love your Jungle theme. :)

  4. I love that you spell Emmie the way you do and not Emmy. We call our daughter Emmie too! :o)


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