Quick Update and Printable - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Quick Update and Printable

This is going to be a pretty quick post since I have to be at Boot Camp pretty soon. Anybody else ever been crazy enough to torture themself through this form of exercise :)??? I met with my first grade team today and we are in the process of laying out our Math Curriculum for the year. We are trying all kinds of crazy things-- we are abandoning Envisions and going with a Math Centers Format for the first time. We were very unhappy with the amount of sit-and-get going on with our kids, and we were receiving complaints that our kids needed better number sense. I feel very confident about what we are coming up with, but I am an extremely visual person so I want to know how I need to set my room up to accommodate these Centers first and foremost. I found mini-crates at Walmart (only $1.47 each!!) and prettied them up with some zebra print ribbon of course. To go on the front of the crates I am putting laminated numbers backed with colorful paper. I went ahead and made the number labels while my sweet toddlers were napping and thought I would share them with you all--- nothing special, I just love the font! CLICK HERE!
I will take pictures of the finished product very soon.

I am starting to realize how quickly school is approaching so I will probably be around a lot more in the next couple of weeks creating and borrowing lots of ideas!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I did boot camp at my gym about a year ago. It was tough but I got great results. Good luck with it!

    Swimming into Second

  2. I am struggling with what size of tub to use for my math work stations. About how big (height, width, length) were your mini-crates from Walmart? I hope my question makes sense - but, like you, I am so visual and I am trying to figure out what this will really look like. Many thanks!
    An Open Door

  3. We did Envison Math for the first time last year. We have to agree that their number sense wasn't as strong as it should be. What centers program are you using? There are quite a few teachers talking about the Debbie Dillar math stations book, and there is also the Math Daily 5... just curious as to where you're getting your center ideas. =) Good luck in boot camp! =)
    -Jackie and Danielle-

  4. I am curious about your crates and your centers program as well. We are not happy with our program (Harcourt~~bluck!) and are pulling resources from everywhere we can to put something together. If you have time (??) and don't mind, could you share some of your resource ideas???? Thank you.. Oh and good luck with boot camp. You're a brave woman.

  5. I would love to see some pictures of your crates! They sound cute. Also, if you would be willing to share what you came up with for math. My team has had the exact same problem. We abandoned Envision as well.

  6. I will take pictures tomorrow(I think...:) ) for all you visual people like me! I will be HAPPY to share our Center Ideas once I get it all typed up...still working on it! Thanks for commenting you all! I love hearing my phone buzz for teacher talk :)!

  7. I have been meeting with some of my first grade team every Wednesday in July to do exactly the same thing! We are turning to a math center format as well, it just seems like the right thing to do. We have taken math centers/units that we have downloaded from blogs, each of us have purchased the same units from TpT, and some other stuff we have found here and there. We then paired what we have with each chapter of our math book! We have gotten through chapters 1-5 and are now printing and laminating fiercely so we have everything ready to go.

    And.... I went to boot camp religiously for 2 years and did not this year, it shows..... So I am registering for the next round starting Aug. 15th! It is a love hate relationship, but it must be done!

    Faithful in First


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