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10 Lunch Must Haves


Oh my goodness. If you aren't following me on instagram, you must think I just dropped off the face of the planet! I haven't, I promise! Just like many of you, the mom/work/life balance is REAL and I am just trying to fit it all in and be present for my kids! So I thought in my reentry into the blogging world, I would pick a mom topic- lunches! So without further adieu, here are my top 10 favorite things that I use for lunches for either the kids or me! Currently the big kids are loving school lunches, but Smith is super picky so I make his lunch each day.

1.  Bento Boxes- this keeps Smith happy because foods are not running into each other and it helps me make sure he has a balanced meal. The one we have for Smith is not available right now so I have linked a similar one. 

2. Bento Box Sleeve- Don't forget the insulated sleeve for your box. This is really helpful because I am able to slip an ice pack in between the bento box and the sleeve to keep his lunch cool until 10:30 when he has "lunch" hahaha. 

3. Soft Ice Packs  - Here are the ice packs that we love. They also make nice compresses for Mom's eyes when the craziness of the week has just become too much! 

4. Sandwich Cutters- Well these were a pleasant surprise. There are actually nine cutters in all so you can work with different sizes or close up the sides of a PB and J! They also have the cutest little jokes that you can add to your child's lunch box. Perfect! 

5. Kids' Protein Shakes- Alright real talk. Smith doesn't always make the best choices for food. We know that at least once a day we are getting some nutrients into him with these shakes. He loves them so much that we have them on scheduled subscription twice a month. They are an absolute necessity in our house! 

6. Food Picks and Forks- I almost forgot I had these before going into this school year. They are the cutest way to keep Smith's fingers clean and my little animal lover can't get enough of them! 

7. Meal Prep Containers- Okay, switching it up- these are a must have for me. I love meal prepping because when I am hungry I just grab what's close. Luckily I have gotten in the habit of getting fruits, veggies, and some kind of protein together for the week on Sundays. I love that these are glass, deeper than most I have used, and they are incredibly sturdy. In fact, I just ordered 3 more because SOMEONE borrowed one and I just can't be short! Ha! 

8. Salad Containers- These are a new addition to my routine for me, but I just love them. They have the perfect amount of sections and keep my salad ingredients so fresh. I love, love, love them. 

9. Crockpot Liners- Okay- I know I am late to this game, but holy cow. These liners make my life so much easier. I make crockpot meals at least twice a week, but I hate the cleanup of it because I feel like it always has to soak in my sink! No more! Last night I made meatball subs, picked up the liner, tossed it in the trash, and immediately stored my crockpot. Perfection! They will make meal prepping large meals so much easier!

10. Storage Containers- Like many of you, I love the aesthetically pleasing feel of an organized pantry. These clear containers give me just that effect, plus make it easier for me to see when it is time to restock some essentials. 

Alright guys and gals, I hope that gave you some ideas that make your midday meals easier! Let me know if I left off any of your favorites! 

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