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11 Wonderful Winter Books

Between Rooted in Reading and Storybook STEM, we have got you all set for those wintery books and coordinating activities. Keep reading for links to find the book on Amazon, a pic of what is included, and a link to the unit itself. To find the units, just click on the picture. Affiliate Links are included for the books. 

1. Snowballs- The simplistic and and engaging text of Snowballs is sure to pull in your youngest of readers. Brooke and I paired Snowballs with three other books that are perfect for January that will have your students hooked!

2. Snow Day!- Have you read Snow Day! by Lester Laminack? Much like the First Day Jitters, students will be surprised by who is MOST excited by the possibility of a day to relax!

3. Animals in Winter- Students are always fascinated by how animals survive a cold winter. This book and unit helps them dig deeper into just how that is possible!

4. Akiak-  Could you imagine completing an Iditarod race? I know I can't, but Akiak allows readers an inside look into the action while being challenged by literacy concepts like Fact and Opinion. 

5. Penguins Can't Fly: This book is a fantastic example of a Nonfiction text with multiple topics.  Posters and activities will guide students through discussing Main Idea and Details. 

6. The Polar Bear Son: You may not be familiar with The Polar Bear Son, but you are definitely missing out on a fantastic book. I just love the activities that Amy and I chose to help address some tough content too!

These two books are PRECIOUS. So funny and engaging. If you haven't read them yet, FIND THEM NOW. This unit is a really popular one for us because everyone loves some Penguin Research too!
9. Snowflake Bentley: The story of Wilson Bentley is truly fascinating and inspiring. Your students who looooove cutting snowflakes during free time? Why not add in a great science lesson to address the uniqueness of snowflakes while they are at it!??!

10. Penguin in Peril The second I read this book, I knew Amy and I needed to use it for first grade rooted in reading. There are so many fun skills addressed in this unit that pair so well with an adorable book!

11. Over and Under the Snow Another first grade rooted in reading book is Over and Under the Snow. This books BEAUTIFULLY captivates what goes on with animals when you can't see them! This unit is jam-packed and I know your students will love it!

Phew! That's a lot of amazing children's lit!!! I hope you found at least one new book that you want to read to your students or add to your collection! 

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