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Compound Words and Wild Weather

We have had a pretty devastating week weather wise in South Carolina friends!  Last Thursday evening they called off school for Friday because of coastal flooding.  Little did we know, we hadn't seen anything yet!!! Between Oct. 1-5  my town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina received 27 inches of rain!!! Luckily we have amazing drainage and most of the town did really well.  Other areas of Charleston and Columbia were not so lucky!  It has been heartbreaking to see so many people negatively affected by the flooding!

I had just wrapped up a weather unit highlighting all hurricanes and tornadoes so I know my kids were glued to the weather channel!

We had a dad come talk to us about his work for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  He brought an amazing powerpoint to show the kids.  This picture is actually of Hurricane Hugo that impacted Charleston so heavily! 

I put my Amazon Prime to good use and snagged all the Gail Gibbons' books!

We made shaving cream hurricanes on our desks too!  We used this time to talk about the counter clockwise winds and the eye of the storm!

The following week Tornadoes were up!  We did Tornado rotations- 1. Tornado math problems 2. Tornado safety tips 3.  Art project  4.  Science project where we made mini tornadoes in a bottle!

This guy brought in the coolest Discovery Ed contraption that demonstrated tornadoes!

So it inspired us to make our own!  It is really hard to photograph these mini twisters but they were awesome!

Here is a finished product of the tornado writing and art project. The kids used oil pastels.  They did a beautiful job!!

While I was out for the flooding, I finished up unit I have been working on forever!!!

It is actually more first grade friendly than second, but I needed it for my small groups and kiddos that need some confidence building when it comes to long words!  Click on any of the pictures to check it out in my store!!

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