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Superhero Classroom Door and a BIG freebie!

I don't do a classroom theme. I am too fickle for that kind of commitment.  BUT I do like having a Back to School Week theme.... hence my Superhero Students Packet.  Last year I dipped my toe into my theme, but this year I have dived in head first!

Check out my door I completed today!!! I just love it.

I got the idea here!  To make the door happen....

1. I covered my door in blue paper and added the border and letters.

2.  Next I googled "Kid superhero silhouettes"  and THIS is the image I used.

3.  I saved the image and inserted it into PowerPoint so that I could make it exactly the size I wanted.

4.  I projected the image onto my Smartboard and traced.

***After a few tries I realized that if I just unplugged my board from the wall I could trace on my Smartboard without activating the screen.  I am sure most of you would have thought of that, BUT it was a total ah hah moment for me!

Another aspect of the Superhero Back to School theme for me this year is my classroom binder!  I know many of you know about binder systems.  My students will take the binder back and forth from home every day.  I will have five sections: Our Classroom, Spelling, Homework, Math, and Reading.  I will get more into the details of the binder in a later post!

I also made these cute little notes to go home with my kids on the first day of school!  You can snag it (I made one for Kinder through fifth) and the binder cover in my google docs!

While you are there, you can check out my Back to School Unit!!!

Wish me luck I meet my sweet SUPERHEROES tomorrow!

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  1. I just LOVE your door! What a fun theme to start the year!

  2. LOVE your new blog look! And your door - amaaaaaazing!!! After reading Barbara Gruener's book (What's Under Your Cape? Superheroes of the Character Kind) I'm going with the Superhero theme, too. xoxoxoxo Lisa Growing Firsties

  3. Wow! That turned out so great! I hope you have a great first day!!!

  4. You rock!! This is sooo cute!!! I wouldn't have figured out the Smard board thanks for the tip! Good look tomorrow.

  5. Love the door! I have to get my blog post up about my's a super hero theme! We have your unit and are using it this week as well!! I am so bummed that Melonheadz does not sell those graphics anymore that you used in your unit!! Have a great first day! We start tomorrow as well!!


  6. I love your door! Superheroes are always so much fun. Can't wait to see more pictures of your room!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  7. I love how your door turned out! I know your new superheroes will be pumped to start second grade. Good luck!
    The Traveling Teacher

  8. I too am dabbling with the superhero theme! I just like to have small doses of a theme if that makes sense! We also use the binder system. We stuck with the school mascot. It helps me remember what to refer to!

  9. Love this! And I'm slightly obsessed with it. Just shared it on my 5 on the Fifth post.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  10. What font are the letters on your door? Did you make or buy them ? I would like to use those exact letters on my door. Thanks!

  11. Is your superhero binder page for purchase? I couldn't seem to find it and I would like to buy it if available. Thanks so much!

  12. Not sure how to access the Google Docs page listed to get the first day certificates. Can anyone steer me in the right direction.... SOON? Thanks!

    1. Click on the picture of the certificates Christ! :)

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