St. Patrick's Day Stuff: Freebies, a Giveaway, and a Last Minute Lucy *Sale* - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

St. Patrick's Day Stuff: Freebies, a Giveaway, and a Last Minute Lucy *Sale*

First of all, thank you SO much for all the love on my Math Work Stations Post.  I poured my heart into that post, and it thrills me that so many of you read it!  I will be back with my second post on Wednesday to show you how I organize my centers. 

Eeeeek!  Finding yourself needing last minute St. Patrick's Day materials?

Busy Teachers are great for that!  I went ahead and discounted ALL my March stuff for 20 % off today!

My centers will be in action in my classroom for several more weeks since there is Easter and Basketball goodies in there!!!

I also have links to a couple of resources that you may need for tomorrow!  
The second one is from Denise at Sunny Days
I will be using Denise's Addition Bump for sure!

Lastly,  hop on over to Blog Hoppin' to enter a sweet giveaway!

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  1. You really are so sweet. !! Thank you for all you do...

  2. Love everything! Seriously an inspiration.. which is why I chose you for the Sunshine Award! Check my blog! =)


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