***January Busy Teacher: Second Grade*** SALE and FREEBIES - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

***January Busy Teacher: Second Grade*** SALE and FREEBIES

It's here, it's here!

I can't wait to get back to school and print these out for my kiddos!

I tried some new things with graphing, prefixes, and money word problems, OH MY!
Second Grade is hard stuff!

I also resized the lines so that they are more appropriate (much smaller) for second semester 2nd graders!

I marked them down to Five dollars (86 pages!) for today and tomorrow! 

If you want a closer look still, download my preview from the TPT page for a sample of three pages:

And yes, Kindergarten is ALMOST finished :)

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  1. LOVE this! Are you planning on doing Feb and March for second only too? Just planning ahead when I purchase this one :D


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