In honor of the Hunger Games *Flash Sale* - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

In honor of the Hunger Games *Flash Sale*

I have been waiting on this premiere for a VERY long time! In honor of me acting like a Teeny Bopper and going to the Midnight showing of the movie, I will be offering a 15 % of Sale for my Spring Centers and Money Unit until Midnight! (I tried to run a 12 % off sale, but that wasn't an option :).
I have heard that both Katniss and Peeta are Kentucky natives (just a little fun fact!).

Let the games begin!

P.S. If you haven't entered the giveaway to win a fantastic E Book on the picture below (not many people have entered, so your chances are really high!)

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  1. Have fun at the movie Katie ! I can't resist telling you that my daughter is going to the late show to see and is VERY excited (I think you are closer in age to her than this veteran teacher :) Enjoy !

  2. I can't wait to see it! Definitely can't do the midnight way I would make it! But I am going to see it tomorrow immediately after school...sooo excited!!!


  3. I can't wait to see the movie! I was so hooked on those books! Hope you enjoyed it:)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

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