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I was so excited about my blogger meetup this weekend that I neglected to tell you all about the package that I got. *Sylvan Dell* sent me their 5 new Spring books! Now...I haven't had the chance to use them in my classroom yet, but I can give you several reasons why I know these books will be a great addition to my library:

1.  We do a penguin unit in January and the book The Penguin Lady highlights many different kinds of penguins. 
2.  The Great Divide helps students understand all the names that different groups of animals have. My kids will LOVE this! (*Not to mention it helps set the foundation for division- love a book that has embedded learning :) )
3. Home in the Cave - I actually read this one to Nash and Emmie already, and they really enjoyed it. Mommy was a little bit squeamish about it, but  this book would be perfect when discussing the interdependence of animals (even if it is about guano!) 
4. Three Little Beavers will make a great read around Earth Day.  Children seem to understand better than we adults do the impact that we have on animals!
5. Gopher to the Rescue: Now I am really excited to read this book to my kids.  Once again another book that will explain to kids why we need all animals in order to keep everything balanced in  our ecosystem. The book highlights how a gopher's actions help bring back life to a mountain after a volcanic eruption.
*I promise I will share more after I read the books to my students!
As for the package going out....
I am participating in this Valentine exchange:
Be My Valentine

And just mailed this little package to someone very special.  I am sure you are very interested in knowing who...but that would ruin the surprise! I really hopes she likes it!

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  1. Your present looks great! And I like the books! That is awesome!
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