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Holding on to 2012 Memories

My "at home" New Years resolution is to be and most importantly STAY organized. Simple enough right? Well, if you think about how many parts of the home need to be organized-it's kind of a monstrous goal. Since I have tackled all the closets and the playroom, I have moved on to trying to organize our pictures/memory tokens.

I saw 2 fantastic ideas that are going to help me (a non-scrapbooking mommy) hold on to some precious memories this year. The first time I heard of a memory jar was from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade! I love everything about this idea. I get to save the stuff that I can't put in a photo album, but I don't have to spend hours bent over cutesy paper and baby books that I am years behind on (please don't tell my kids they don't have these said baby books :) ).
So I pulled up my favorite border that I use for almost everything and made this label really quickly-- click on the picture to download it yourself. Then I glued the label on the inside of the huge glass jar (that I found at Walmart for 7 dollars!) using some Mod Podge. And finally-- no craft of mine would be complete without a cute little bow and... Ta-Da! Yes it is still empty but don't worry- I think our first addition to the jar will be the monster truck ticket stubs after my husband takes Nash to a show in a week or so (I can't believe I am letting my son go to one of those, but nothing would make him happier!)

The second idea is part of my newest blogging obsession. Some of you may have noticed the addition of non-teaching blogs to my sidebar over here ...
I have become equally obsessed with crafty/home organizational blogs as I am with teaching ones. I found my next idea at Clean & Scentible . It is so simple but so brillant at the same time.  Jenn uses photo albums and then journals the cute important part and puts it in one of the photo holders. 

So CUTE right? Now if I am the last person on the planet to hear of this idea, please just let me keep believing this is mind blowing :)

Side note- Even though I am using these ideas at home. They would both be perfect for the classroom as well! Alright off to my little preschoolers in church school, but I will be back tomorrow with pictures of my students' New Years Resolutions and freebies.

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  1. This is an adorable idea! I think it would be great to do in the classroom with little things (field trip flyers, specific student writing etc) then go through it at the end of the year like a time capsule. Thanks for sharing.

    Randi @ Teach It With Class

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  2. I so love that idea! I need to go get me a jar :)
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  3. hmmm....but WHERE to store them

  4. Very exciting and creative ideas! Did you design the border you used on your "2012" label yourself, or did you purchase it somewhere? I would love to use it!

  5. Jess-http://www.helloliteracy.blogspot.com/2011/08/png-doodle-borders.html

    Here is the link. They are free! Just cut and paste them and set them to behind text.

  6. Hey Katie! Thanks so much for featuring my little scrapbook. We are definitely on the same creative wave as I just made one of the memory jars too. Love your cute label! I have a son in grade 2 and one going to Kindergarten next year so I'm looking forward to looking more through your blog. Happy to be following along!
    Jenn :)

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