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Sunday, November 4, 2012

***Massive Blend/Digraph Unit***

Like any good teacher- I had some extra time this weekend, so I worked!

Sounds like you?

Well, I have been dying to get a blend/digraph set together, but just couldn't find all the right clipart so I constantly kept running into that roadblock. 

In walks Ashley Hughes into my life :)

Well we got to talking, I sent her a list, and the rest is history!

I just posted and put on sale for today and tomorrow! 

 I plan on backing my adorable blend posters tomorrow (and laminating of course) so I can hang them! Yes, I will show completed pictures!

Toodaloo friends!


  1. I am so excited about these!! Love them!

  2. LOVE!!! I am loving the blends spinners, my kids will <3 these :) Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Mrs. King!


  3. All I can say is, this is quite WONDERFUL!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  4. LOVE this!!! I was just looking for something like this the other day. You are AWESOME!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Massive is right! This is totally incredible! Looks like you've thought of everything!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  6. One word = Perfect!! Can't wait to start using this with my littles!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First