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Blends, Votes, and Turkeys

Random, right?

1. Blends

I decided to split the Mega Blend/Digraph Pack for those that are just interested in the visual part of the packet.

If you want to just have the posters, mini-posters, flashcards, and blend/digraph chart, click below.

This is what is included in the smaller packet:

If you want the MEGA pack, click below.

I am currently cutting out, backing with scrapbook paper, and laminating mine!  Need proof?  Check out my kitchen table:

Oh how my husband LOVES school stuff cluttering up our tables :)

2. Voting

I exercised my right to vote like many of you, and I wore that sticker with pride! I seriously tear up when I think about all the meaning behind that sticker.  How many people in the past weren't granted that privilege?? How many people who risk there lives to protect that right??  Nash informed me that if he could vote, he would definitely vote for George Washington :)

I think my four yr old did pretty well with his picture-taking skills!

3. Turkeys

After voting, laundry-ing, and laminating- I worked on these....

They aren't ready yet, but I thought if I posted the covers it would motivate me to finish!

P.S. I am helping a couple of fantastic friends out in some giveaways! Go enter!


I am off to to finish some things up for tomorrow before my focus turns to poll results. My hope is not necessarily wrapped around who wins the election, but more about how our great country responds to our new or re-elected leader. No one will succeed if we are just waiting for them to fail- somewhat like with our students, right?

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  2. "No one will succeed if we are waiting for them to fail". You are 100% right!

    Granny Goes to School

  3. LOVE your Blends and Digraphs Mega Pack! Oh and I think I see a future photographer in your family...gorgeous! :)

  4. LOL, I loved the husband & clutter comment. Yes, they are called teacher piles in our home...gotta love it! We are married to our jobs as well!!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  5. Beautiful pic of you and your sweet daughter Katie.

  6. YAY-Can't wait for the Busy Teacher pack! LOVED the Halloween one.

  7. 1) Picture is too cute---he did a great job taking it.
    2) LOVE the blends----Awesome graphics, and love the color choice!
    3) Get busy on that Busy Teacher's Packet---I want to buy it! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous


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