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Sunday Random and Christmas in July

This random thing works for me. 

Want to know why?

We are in the process of moving... Well kinda. 

Let me break it down for you. Our house in KY is for sale, but not sold. My husband and I both have jobs in Charleston, but currently we are staying at a friend's house while they are in Europe for a few weeks.  So we are essentially homeless/moochers/nomads-- who knows at this point I am learning to just go with the flow.

Even though we don't have a house in Charleston, I wasn't willing to miss all the great memories we could make this summer--- here is a few pictures from our Fourth of July:
Emmie with her Uncle Sean right before we headed out on the boat.

 Nash and I on the beach (with Uncle Sean photo-bombing in the background)

Our first family picture as Charlestonians!

My sister (Kelly), me, and my brother Sean.

AND just to make you oober jealous if you are landlocked in the summer--this was the view on my early morning walk today. 

NOW to the Christmas in July part of the post---

For 12 days some of my best blogging friends and I will be putting some of our units on sale.  If you are like me and like to start off the year prepared...these deals will be right up your alley!

Today I have two math units on sale that are perfect for beginning of the year firsties!
Click on the pictures to check them out in my store.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see what units will be on sale!!!  Now that we are settled into one place (for a few weeks at least) I also plan on getting back to my looooong creating list!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. I love Charleston! It is such a fun city :)

  2. So jealous of your pictures. I want to come! XOXO

  3. Woohoo!! That's Shem Creek! I live right near there, such a beautiful spot to walk. :) Good luck with the sale of the house!


  4. I am from SC and I'm glad to hear you already know it's a treat :) You'll LOVE it! My best friend from college moved from KY to SC (Greenville, although her husband is from Charleston) - she is loving it, too. My husband and I are currently moving (within the state, of course!) and are mooching, too. We feel so very nomadic - weird to have no physical place to call home. Enjoy the adventures moving around this summer!

  5. I love a good photo-bomb!!! :) I'm also super jealous of that morning walk view!!! My view was less than impressive! ;/

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  6. Congrats, again on your big move. My fam REALLY wants me to relocate back to SC, but I've grown to love TX so...... its hard to think of living anywhere else. There's always summer vacation! =)

    A+ Firsties


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