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Day Four: Holiday Shopping and Freebie!

One of my absolute favorite times of the year is getting my classroom ready for the next year! I mean who doesn’t love getting fussed at by their husbands for spending too much money on ribbon and such? :)
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Just to let you all in on a little secret---I “think” I get to see my new classroom today!  I am so excited I can’t stand it!
Since shopping is heavy on my mind right now, it reminded me of that time of year when everyone tends to go a little crazy with their wallets. You know- Holiday shopping!
Today I will be marking my Thanksgiving and Christmas Units on sale for a discounted 20 %!
Thanksgiving Math Centers


Thanksgiving Literacy Centers
holiday2 holiday3
OR for an even bigger discount (since I already discount the bundle) you can get the BUNDLE!
I also have Christmas Centers!
Christmas Math Centers
holiday5 holiday7
Christmas Literacy Centers
OR once again I have the Doubly discounted Bundle.
And just because I love you all I have this Christmas themed money center for free in my TPT store!

Don't forget to check out my friends' sales too!!!

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  1. Love the colors of your ribbon. I have looked for ribbon before and it can be very pricey. It is always fun to find a great sale.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade


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