Christmas in July Day 2 : Word Work Style - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Christmas in July Day 2 : Word Work Style

I love teaching phonics! I think it is so easy to make word work fun and engaging!

I asked Ashley Hughes to put together a group of graphics for me that would help me teach blends and digraphs , and then I created the posters for my classroom.  I backed each graphic with a different color of cardstock and hung them in my room.  I thought they were quite beautiful--if I do say so myself :) .  

You can find these posters along with much more in my Blends and Digraphs Mega Pack!

Over my Spring Break last year I made this little number (I know- teachers NEVER truly break do we?) This mini-unit focuses on final digraphs!  

 I had so much fun making this unit, but I think my students had even more fun playing those games!

If you are interested in either of these units, go snatch them up today! AND don't forget to check back tomorrow for more deals :)

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  1. Blends and digraphs can be the trickest things! I love these! I'm sponsoring a giveaway and a Christmas in July Linky Party. I would love for you to visit if your have time.

  2. Both of these units are awesome - and kids love them!!!


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