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Christmas in July: Day 8 and 9 New Decor and a Back to School Craft

Slide1This was one of those products that I just couldn’t get myself to finish! I kept tweaking things for WEEKS. I am not exaggerating one bit.  I decided to go for a very clean, classic black and white look for my decor.
 Classroom Decor Black and White Preview
Almost all of this packet can be printed at school on a back and white printer. Literally the only color is on the pictures in the alphabet!Besides the black and white, I also will be using teal and purple!  I really do think the black and white would look good with many different colors!  The pack will be on sale today for 20% off the normal price.
I also was able to check another thing of my mile long To DO List. I made a frame to use with my students on the first day of school!  I made Emmie pose of course :)
photo (19)
That “2” holds a lot of meaning!  I guess I can officially say that I will be teaching SECOND grade this year! This will be my 8th year teaching, but my very 1st year in any grade other than first grade! I know I will love it---I really, really do! As we speak though, I am currently consumed with nerves!
I will not be changing my blog name because I think that so much of what we do in 2nd and 1st grade can compliment each other, but I do have some big changes in store for my blog VERY soon!
Just in case you are interested in making something similar to my frame, I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby, and the only tool I used was hot glue :).
I will see you all again for my Day 10 of Christmas in July!

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  1. How exciting for you! You are going to be an amazing 2nd grade teacher! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in 2nd!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. Can't wait to read about your 2nd grade adventures and see what special surprises you have in store for your blog!

    Big 'ol hugs to ya!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. You know you will rock 2nd grade!!!!!

    Fun In First

  4. Very exciting! I'm sure your 2nd graders will love you and all of your creative ideas. Can't wait to read about the transition.

  5. Welcome to 2nd Grade!! You will love it!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  6. You'll LOVE 2nd grade. They come in knowing how to sharpen their pencils, turn in work & sometimes even have a straight line from day one! HA! I looped from 1st to 2nd with my kiddoes one year and it was one of the most fun years of my teaching.

  7. Love the black and white decor!! I had only taught 3rd grade and was moved to 1st 3 years ago. I was quite nervous but a GREAT teacher can teach any grade. Can't wait to see what you do.

    First Grade Lyons' Den

  8. I am so excited about you joining us in 2nd! I bawled like a baby when I was moved after 7 years in 4th grade. I'd NEVER go back...unless they moved me of course!

  9. Love this and super loved your pics on Insta of the littles helping you out:)))) Thanks for linking up:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  10. Where did you

    find the big # @ ?

  11. Where did you find the big # 2?

  12. Yay I looped with my first graders this past year. Going back to 1st for 2013-2014.

  13. Hi Katie, I think you will love second grade! The kids are just as much fun, are a bit more independent, and it's always great to see how much they've progressed from September to June. I taught second for nine years, and am moving to third, so I am very familiar with the "nerves" of a move, especially from a grade you love!

    Love your frame! I've been trying to find a giant "3" for my new frame. Now I'll look in Hobby Lobby-thanks for sharing the source!

    Good luck and enjoy your new school year :)


  14. Hi! You will love 2nd grade! I taught it for 11 years and thought I would never move from it (that's how much I loved it)!!! This will be my 17th year of teaching, but my first year teaching 1st Grade!! So, I completely understand the nerves...and the excitement! You will be awesome!

    Love your frame! I keep seeing adorable!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  15. Sort of a silly question: What size frame did you use for this? I am torn on what size to use!


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