Christmas in July Day 7: Decor Packs - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Christmas in July Day 7: Decor Packs

Today it is rainy and dreary in Charleston--- I am thinking that is a perfect excuse to get some crafting done for my new classroom.


I did this damage yesterday at Michaels.  We didn’t have one where I lived in Kentucky, but I have a feeling I am going to become very close friends with the people at Michaels in Charleston. :)

I will 100%, no questions asked, come heck or high water, be finishing up my Black and White Decor this weekend, but until then, those of you with other classroom themes can shop!


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  1. Hobby Lobby is AWESOME, too :) Actually I prefer it for some reason - always seems to be cheaper. Another reason south is just the BEST!

    The Sweetest Thing
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  2. I am ADDICTED to Michael's! I use to go almost every Sunday right when they opened and made good friends with a manager:) I need to head there today for ribbon...I haven't mastered the bow making skill but my mom has and she is on her way down!

  3. Michael's and Hobby Lobby! Two of Charleston's finest stores for teachers!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. I love Michael's and Hobby Lobby! You can find so many neat things at both places! Teaching Little Miracles

  5. Love the paint cans, Katie! Word on the streets is that your classroom is huge and beautiful. I cannot wait to see pictures. :)

  6. Do you ladies have the Hobby Lobby app for your phone yet? Instant coupon at your finger tips. no need to print it out. Just show the cashier. Now if Hobby Lobby gave teacher discounts like Michael's that would be awesome!

  7. I am SO looking forward to seeing your black and white classroom theme pack!!! That's exactly what I want to do in my class =). I can't wait.


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