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My Reading Block: What they are doing?

I came from a school in Kentucky that very proudly taught Readers and Writers Workshop.  I had mentors that guided me through the basics and encouraged professional reading of books like my all time favorite Debbie Miller's Reading with Meaning. As Daily 5 took the blogging world by storm, I started to become intrigued.  I have read a lot about it and incorporated what works for me.  Out of all of that, this is a look at what goes on in the hour and forty minutes of my Reading Block. 
I meet with my kids for 20-30 minutes whole group. I typically focus on 1-2 books the whole week.  During the time we hit comprehension strategies, literary elements, and vocabulary.  My students will follow up with some kind of writing, but during my whole group time they are all gathered at the carpet listening, interacting, and thinking!  I will come back to this part of my day a little more in a later post, but for now I want to focus on what my kids are doing when they are independent during Readers Workshop.

After we meet my students are given three "Must Do's."  Must-Dos usually include comprehension activity, fluency, and word work.  After they have completed the three activities, then they are free to make Daily 5 choices.  Here are some samples from one of my student's Reading Response Notebooks.  Please excuse the poor lighting!!!



 Reading Passage from 24/7: 

Fluency Work from Second Story Window

More Working with words from my Santa's Surprises Pack

 Someone snuck in the picture :)

These drawers have made a HUGE difference for my management wise.  I fill all eight of these drawers up and students can make the choice to go to them after their Must Do's are done. My kids love them, and they are always in use!

Click on the picture to snag this freebie: 

Here are some of my kids when they have finished their mandatory work!  I LOVE how well my kids get along this year!

I will be back soon to talk about "What I am doing?" when these kiddos are working so hard!

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  1. I am a first grade teacher and I used to have enough support so that each reading group got to work with a teacher for 45 minutes (6 kids to each teacher). I no longer have that support so I have my class do daily 5 while I pull 2 groups a day out of 5 groups. I feel like I'm not challenging them enough with daily 5 and I'm not able to do enough with each group. I like your ideas! Can it work in first grade? Where do you store their must dos and if you differentiate the must dos, how do you organize that? What if they don't fish their must dos in time? How long is your reading workshop? Does this require a lot of prep? Sorry for all the questions! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I could not open the Word Work Label freebie. Can you please post again? Thanks.

  3. I use those drawers to house my word work and spelling choices also. I love them! Everything stays so neat and kids can grab and go work! Thanks for the labels!

  4. I wish my second grader could be in YOUR class!

  5. I was wondering if you have blogged on this topic again? You had mentioned filling us in on what you are doing while your students are at their daily 5 choices. Just wondering if I missed it somewhere.

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