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Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

I am linking up with Amy from Step into Second Grade to show you what Christmas looks like in my classroom right now....

My tree (pre decorating)!  I was shocked when a parent brought this beautiful fake tree through the door.  The tree is seriously like 6 feet tall! My kids adore it!

I forgot to take a picture after our ornaments were up, but check these out!  A mom in my class bought 25 plastic ornaments at Michaels.  She sent them home with the students before Thanksgiving break.  The students brought them back decorated however they wanted! They now hang on our tree, but we are going to take home a friend's ornament (after a secret exchange) the day before Christmas break. 

My teammates and I split up the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and decorated outside our rooms based on our part.  I found this mouse craft in Erica's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie pack and adjusted to my needs. I LOVE how it turned out!

We also used a Santa craft from Amy's Christmas Craze Unit to beautify our Santa letters for the hallway!

We are also working on some Language skills using my Santa's Surprises Literacy and Math Centers

This center is perfect for me to use with my low kids to review phonics skills!

The next two pictures are just for fun to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

SOME of my cuties before our Christmas performance!

And my own personal reindeer! I am pretty partial to their cuteness!

Thanks for the fun link-up Amy!

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  1. That ornament idea is absolutely fabulous!!! And I am so jealous of your big tree! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I have been wanting a Christmas tree for my classroom - maybe this year when they go on sale! And I love the ornament idea too. I pinned it to Pinterest so I could remember it for next year. :)

  3. These pictures are so fun! The Lego ornament would be a HUGE hit with my friends. Such great ideas - thank you! Jen

  4. Thanks for sharing! The ornament idea is a stealable one for me! I would be shocked to if a parent brought in a 6 ft fake tree! Kudos to you!

  5. The ornament idea is super and the door decorating too! Adore the mice.

  6. So many great ideas!! I especially am a fan of the ornament idea :)


  7. The ornamerts are fabulous!! How do you like 2nd grade?

  8. I love those little ornaments, and your door is just precious!

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