Dear Santa and Greater Than/Less Than

I think I can, I think I can... four more days :)

I wrote my students a letter from Santa Claus (find the link HERE for this great Santa letterhead) and had our custodian deliver it to my room during recess. The letter came with a bag full of presents. Each present is a wrapped Christmas book to open each day until Winter Break. It was so cute to watch the rumors start flying when my kids read the note from Mr. C. It has been our favorite part of the day for the last week or so. I have a student who has been extra good to go open a book for us.

We have been writing letters for a couple of weeks. I loved the idea of applying for jobs at the North Pole (elf/reindeer) so I tied that into our letters. We wrote to Santa about why we would make great reindeer for him and used our shoes and hands to make the ADORABLE reindeer!

My favorite letter below:

Yes, she said her shiny nose will lead his way :)

We have also been studying Greater Than/Less Than in Math. I found this fantastic game at Crazy in First Grade ! My kids had a blast!

I hope you are finding ways to make it through the last few days!


  1. 4 more days?! How awful! I'm done on Friday!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. LOL! We have FIVE more days!! Full day 4oclock on WEDNESDAY! Crazy BEANS! Enjoy your holiday!! LOVE the santa notes!!


  3. Yes Jen- four. more. days. :( and we are a day earlier than the other district here!

  4. I still have all of next week and we return on the third.

  5. Thank you Catherine! I will be using on Christmas Day for my own kids too. It's beautiful stationary!

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