March Reading - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

March Reading

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  I'm here breathing a HUGE sigh of relief because Rooted in Reading March is officially HERE!  Amy and I have been working on this unit nonstop over the past month, so it feels like a heavy brick has been lifted off of our shoulders! Amy did a really good job of showing what's all included in our unit.  I know I am partial but y'all this one is gooooood!

4 Directed Drawings for your littles to complete.  This is my students new favorite part of the week and I often participate myself!

 4 crafts to go along with each unit:

4 Nonfiction Readers:
 4 Grammar Concepts:  Irregular Verbs, Comparative Adjectives, Collective Nouns, and Articles:  a, an, the
Lots of comprehension activities, printables, and flap-ups
In this month we began a few new vocabulary activities :)

And, you can't forget, that we planned out your reading and grammar for you for the entire month!!!

Here are a few answers to questions we frequently get asked:
Q:  Do you plan on bundling all units?
A:  We haven't decided yet.  For the time being we are only selling them individually.  

Q:  Do you plan on mapping out the standards for each month?
A:  YES!  We are going to release a reading and grammar yearly overview this summer once we are finished with all of the units!

Q:  Are you planning on making Rooted in Reading for other grade levels?
A:  Unfortunately, no.  We are only making this one set for now.  We highly recommend Deanna and Deedee's Guiding Reader's Units for K-1

Q:  Will August and September be released before Back To School??
A:  Yes!  We will release both this summer so that you have plenty of time to prep!

Q:  Will all standards be addressed throughout the units?
A:  All Reading (fiction and nonfiction) and Grammar 2nd grade common core and TEKS will be hit throughout the ten months of Rooted in Reading  (with the exception of phonics/spelling standards)

Q:  Can I purchase just one of the book units?
A:  Logistically, this just gets very complicated.  We are only selling them with the Rooted in Reading monthly unit.

Q:  Do you use this along with your basal?
A:  No, this is the main source of instruction for reading and grammar in our classes.

Q:  When will April be released?
A:  See below :))))
We hope you enjoy reading all of these books with your classes as much as we do with ours!

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  1. Do you find it easy to fit it all in or do you have to pick and choose some of the activities to do? Our county requires us to do Daily 5, which we have to incorporate into the 90 minutes we get daily for reading and writing. I am finding it takes about 2 weeks to get through a book and then I still don't get to hit everything, which is disappointing. It also means I am only getting to use about 2 books out of 4 a month. Beyond that concern I am LOVING everything about this. Thanks so much to you and Amy for all the hard work.

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  5. I noticed that you teach in Berkeley County. I teach in Berkeley as well and was wondering how you integrate these units with the required ELA units. I love rooted in reading but sometimes have difficulty making it match the units and preparing the kids for the post test!

    1. Hi Ashley! I actually teach in Charleston County :) Still close to you though!!

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