Winter Games Freebie - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Winter Games Freebie

I had a BIG post all mapped out of my head.

But then I decided to spend the day with my sweet family.

So please accept my sincerest apologies in the form of a freebie.

It's kind of a fun one!  Anyone else into the Winter Games???

You can also snag some more freebies from the ladies at Owl-ways Be Inspired this week! Yay!  Bring Home the GOLD!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your family time! And, thank you for the Winter games freebie, ~ kathy

  2. Katie, thank you so much for this AMAZING freebie! We are so excited about the Olympics and this unit is the perfect way to combine the games with learning!

  3. Thank you for this great resource! My students were so excited to start using it today! I've got some "wannabe" snowboarders and figure skaters in my class, and the group loved the survey/graphing your favorite sport activities!

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