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“Sum” Fall Fun for Second Graders


One of the staples of my classroom-the cannot live without parts of my room- is Math Work Stations!

This is my 3rd year using the format that I do for math, and I absolutely love it! I plan on taking TONS of pictures this week so I can do a more detailed post about how it works in my room---so hold me to it!

I posted this picture on my instagram and facebook earlier this summer. 

Did you wonder what was in them?

photo (39)

Well, starting tomorrow they will house my “Sum” Fall Fun for 2nd Graders Centers.


Even though this was my view yesterday, it is technically Fall now!





You can snag these centers on discount today or tomorrow in my store!

For all of you snuggled up in hoodies, this is how you can picture me!  Doing lesson plans with my toes in the sand!

photo (65)

Remember- you LOVE me Smile

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  1. You and me both! woo!! Although, I will say that i am a "weeee bit" jealous that we dont' have fall down here :( boo!

  2. I loved how you threw in that little you love me line! Even though you are living the life we always love you! These packs look absolutely fabulous! I just love fall!


  3. I looove those baskets. Where did you find the great number label? Is that washi tape?

  4. I actually appreciate a beach photo haha1 Send some sun up to me in Juneau! It's windy and raining here! Looking forward to your math post :)

    Teaching in the Tongass

  5. Love the tub idea! Did you get your tubs from ikea?

  6. I just started doing math tubs this year and I think they are going to help my kids so much! My one question is how to go about introducing them... if you have 10 new tubs, how do you explain what is expected/ how to do them without talking about all of them at once? I would love some insight! :) I have a lot of your centers for first grade and this set is beautiful... I would totally buy it if I taught 2nd!


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