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Kindergarten Busy Teacher!?! Say What?

I have always been slightly nervous when people have requested a Kindergarten Busy Teacher’s Best Friend.  Here’s a little secret- kindergarteners SCARE me.  They are so little and cute that I want to just snuggle them—not make them behave and learn to the best of their ability Smile
Here is the answer to all of that. 
Meet Stacey!

Stacey and I go way back.  We were sorority sisters in college….

We married boys that grew up together….

and we taught together at the same school for 4 years! 

This year Stacey has made the decision to stay home with her beautiful baby Abe. 

Emmie and Sweet Abe!

I needed Stacey (for Kindergarten Busy Teacher), and she needed me to help her get her teaching “fix” (with the Kindergarten Busy Teacher).
See how that works??? Perfect!
If you have ever used one of my packets, it follows the same format. Lots of pages to be used in a Reader’s Workshop, Daily Five, or Whole group in response to a book.
The ELA skills part of packet addresses beginning Kinder skills- ABCs, colors, basic sight words, and beginning letter sounds.
The math portion of the packet focuses on numbers 1-5, shapes, patterns, ten frames, and number words.
And last but not least—Writing!  Stacey added in a Predictable Sentence Writing portion.  I think this was a great idea and perfect for those sweet Kinders!  You can find the unit in my TPT store for 20 % off today and tomorrow!
This is near and dear to my heart because remember—I have one of those sweet kinders myself!
Nash first day

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  1. And they BOTH are the MOST WONDERFUL teachers you could EVER find! I miss both of them DEARLY! :-(

  2. I'm besides my self with excitement! Thank you! I can't wait to use this!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  3. Thank you for making this!!! I loved your Busy Teacher packets for 1st grade but now I am down in kinder and I'm so happy to see this new packet!!

  4. This is probably the greatest creation ever! Thanks so much to you and Stacey! Baby Abe is seriously the cutest thing ever!


  5. What a great partnership! Looks like an amazing product:)

    The Math Maniac

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! I need it for my RtI time! Thank you, friend!

  7. We enrolled our first daughter in this school and will enroll our second daughter too this month. My first daughter loves the school and we expect our second to feel the same.
    Phoenix kindergarten


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