*All Aboard the Polar Express*

Many of my memories growing up revolve around books. I was the kid who couldn't to go to the beach for a week because I could read a chapter book a day and there wasn't anything to stand in my way.

One my my favorite books to this day is The Polar Express.  I know many of you have had Polar Express days in your classroom for a long time. Well, I am jumping on board. :)

Although my day will be gobs of fun (complete with some moms delivering hot chocolate in costume), there is still learning that has to occur. So I have 3 math and 3 literacy centers/activities. 

Here is how I expect my day to go:

8:00 Kids enter with their train tickets (I think I may ask our principal to punch their tickets as the conductor).

8:10  Morning Work

8:30 Read the book

9:00 Respond to the book

 9:15 Literacy Centers and recording sheets.

 10:45 Math Whole Group

11:15 Math Centers

After lunch, recess, and specials we will come back in the room to watch the movie! I am planning on trying to do a craft too- I will let you know when my friend Stephanie gets the craft finished!

Like I always do- the unit is 20 % off today and tomorrow!

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  1. I love this! We do a Polar Express thing the morning of our last day before break. Jammies, movie, hot chocolate. I love it. Yes, learning still has to occur so these are perfect!

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  2. This is wonderful! So cute and so full of fun!!
    Third Grade All Stars

  3. I love this! You are so creative...your kiddos are so blessed to have you as their teacher! =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. So cute. I can't wait to do Polar Express next week.
    Primary Paradise

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