A peek into a beautiful classroom...

...and no, it's not mine! I am sitting here listening to some Darius Rucker, missing the beach like crazy (no worries- Fall Break starts on Saturday), and looking through this fantastic classroom. The learning space of my dreams belongs to Jessica at Dandelions and Dragonflies.

Jessica has one of the most organized and visually appealing classrooms I have ever seen. I have been secretly stalking her blog for awhile now and just started commenting a couple of weeks ago.

It all started when I saw her tutorial for magnetic gem stones! I was hooked the minute I saw the glass stone magnets!

I haven't *exactly* made mine yet--I have the stones, the paper that I want, the magnets--I just can't seem to find a circle punch grrr....too bad my Hobby Lobby is 45 minutes away! I can't wait use these in my room.
She also has some great games/freebies! I found this game last night. I immediately emailed it to some buddies in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade! Yes- to answer your question-I am known as the crazy blogging lady at school :)

Find this great game here!

But really the reason I have you here tonight is that Jessica is letting me take you on a tour of her new classroom that she just moved into this year!

I love the consistent use of black, white, and red throughout the whole room.

I also love how the bulletin boards are all different but coordinate.

I am literally drooling over those shelves at the end of her tables. I hate wasted time when kids have to go get things and I bet these are a great time-saver! Not to mention beautifully organized.

Why haven't I thought of hanging up buckets before!?! So genius, yet so simple!

I saved the best for last-- guess what my next project will be :)

A little bit of ribbon and spray paint ALWAYS make for a good project!

Go on over to Dandelions and Dragonflies and see the magic for yourself! ***Jessica in no way asked for this-- I just thought she deserved a little love from the blogging world for the inspiration I have received from her!****

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  1. You're right. Jessica's classroom is beautiful! Thanks for "introducing" her :)

    Grade ONEderful

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