Water Cycle- Evaporation

Yes, I admit it. I am addicted to pinterest.  I LOVE the ideas that I find on it.  And yes, I have another pinterest inspired project for you!


I thought this would be a really neat way to demonstrate evaporation to my kids. So here is the run down- I took my kids outside and let them pretend it rained by pouring a bucket of water on the ground. They then traced the outline of the puddle on the ground. We then went back to our literacy centers. Right before lunch I introduced this little ditty-

We went outside and lo and behold- the puddles were gone! Except for 3 that were in the shadows---I couldn't have planned it more perfectly myself! I used to hate teaching science, but blogging has opened my eyes to such creative teachers and now it is one of my favorite subjects! Thanks for the inspiration! Click Here to download my recording sheet. My kids LOVE to say duh-duh-duh now by the way :)


  1. Super cool idea, definitely saving this one in my back pocket for next year!

    Gena @ tekyteach.blogspot.com

  2. Awesome! Thanks! Just downloaded this :)

  3. I am passing on The Versatile Blogger Award to you! Thank you for all of the amazing inspiration. Come on over to grab the button!

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