Reflecting with Leo the Late Bloomer

Okay... I have to be honest... I am worse than my kids. I soooooo have one foot out the door. I just can't wait to spend summer evenings in the backyard and not have to worry about my toddlers' bedtimes! Luckily, we are working on our class play and that is a wonderful distraction! I also wanted to have my students complete their reflective letter a little bit differently this year. We always read Leo the Late Bloomer at the beginning of the year (best oldie, but goodie I have up my sleeve!). I have parents who have written me letters saying that they are so excited to see their children "bloom" by the end of the year. How amazing is it how much First Graders grow!?! I thought we would wrap it up all nice and pretty this year by bringing it full circle. We are going to revisit Leo and then reflect upon how we have grown this year. The first sheet is meant to help them brainstorm ideas and the second paper is for a letter they are going to write to their second grade teacher about their growth (thanks for the idea Cathy :)!)

Enjoy! Please, please, please leave a copy if you download! Thanks!

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  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great way to get children to reflect. Thanks for posting!

  3. Thank you for a great end of year activity! We are on our last 4 days of school with kids.

  4. I have the countdown crazies...SO ready for the break...been a very tough year. I LOVE this idea...thanks for sharing!

  5. Kindergarteners grow like crazy too. This would be great for me to use in the next 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  6. Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea!

  7. Thanks for the leo late bloomer...cute cute cute!

    So sorry about the loss of your precious little one! They are with us forever in our hearts!!!

  8. Great idea! I just added the book to my amazon cart... I'd never heard of it before! :) Thank you!

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