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10 Amazing Picture Books for Women's History Month

I am constantly blown away by the amazing biographical resources available to our students in 2018. They are SO lucky!  I have learned so much as a grown-up, seeing as picture books are my choice of literature, and I want to share that wealth of knowledge with you!
{Each picture will link to an Affiliate link to purchase the book!}

1.  The Tree Lady
Kate Sessions was a botanist in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  She is known as the mother of Balboa Park in California for planting hundreds of trees each year.   Sessions had a dream and a love that she kept alive quite literally through persistence. 

2. Catching the Moon- 
Marcenia Stone began playing baseball at a time that it was not acceptable for African American girls were not to concern themselves with such nonsense.  She went on to become the first woman to play professional baseball as a part of the Negro League in 1953.   This book highlights her early aspirations and struggles when her family didn't approve of her goals. 

3. The Girl Who Thought in Pictures
Temple Grandin was considered weird and made fun of by her peers when she was young.  This picture book allows us to see how her mind works differently than most people. We also get to learn of her tremendous accomplishments in agriculture. 

4. Me...Jane

Jane Goodall was a first of her kind.  When many women were not accepted in the world of science Jane pushed ahead to study and advocate for chimpanzees. This book shows us what she was like as a child and how her interests led her to her lifelong mission. 

5. Rosie Revere, Engineer

With an emphasis on encouraging girls to enter into STEM fields, Rosie Revere, Engineer is the perfect book for your classroom! While the text is not specifically about Rosie the Riveter, there are many allusions to her impact on history.  The rhyme, humor, and detailed illustrations pull students into the impactful storyline. 

6.  I Dissent

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  What a woman!  I find this text particularly encouraging as we learn that many found Ruth to be a pain and focused on her faults over the many gifts she brought to the table. I think many girls are used to keeping the peace as opposed to "rocking the boat". I also love the example of Ruth being a mom and top-notch lawyer and judge. 

7. The House that Jane Built

Jane Addams grew up in the 1800s as a very wealthy woman.  She used her wealth to establish the Hull House.  The Hull House allowed immigrants to gain some footing and find the resources that they needed in order to obtain jobs in America.  Jane Addams could have easily enjoyed her fortune, but she chose to make helping people her life's work. 

8.  Wangari's Trees of Peace

Wangari was shocked to see the trees of her youth disappearing in Kenya. This true story of Wangari Maathai, environmentalist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is an excellent example of how one woman can make a huge impact. 

9. Ruby's Wish

Ruby wasn't like the other girls.  She wanted more than just getting married.  She wanted to go to school and have a career. Ruby gets her wish through persistence and the trust of her grandfather.  This book is based on a true story!

10.  When Marian Sang

Marian Anderson. What an a treasure she was!  Marian Anderson faced extensive racism throughout her life that almost ended her singing dreams. She found ways to study abroad and eventually came back to the states. The picture book includes details of her performance in front of the Lincoln Memorial for 75,000 people. 

While there are GOBS of amazing picture books about amazing women, I chose these ten because Amy and I have resources (or will soon!!!) for these books. 

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  1. “The Tree Lady” has an obvious companion in “Miss Rumphius,” Barbara Cooney’s prize-winning 1982 picture book about the Lupine Lady, who scattered flower seeds along the Maine coast. In their own way, these true stories of unconventional American lives fulfill their heroines’ ambitions of making the world a more beautiful place — and plant the seeds of future beauty in the minds of their readers.

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  2. The no. 2 Catching the Moon is the real story. The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream is based on the childhood of Marcenia “Toni Stone” Lyle Alberga (1921–1995), an African American girl who grew up to become the first woman to play for an all-male professional baseball team.

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