Eek! Monsters!

I LOVE Halloween!  I don't know if I have always felt this way or just since I have had kids, but I do know that I think all of it is so much fun!  As soon as I saw October 1st on the calendar I got my house in order!

Another part of Halloween that I enjoy so much is #AllThingsMonsters.  I think monster books and crafts are SO cute!  So when a 5th grade teacher from my former school asked me to create a Monster bulletin board for her, I might have gotten a little giddy!
AHHH! Aren't they precious!  I seriously couldn't love this board more.  

So here are the details:
I used my Cricut to make the top two lines of letters.  I big puffy heart love my Cricut.  The "Monsters" letters are from  

Do you know how I made this cutie??? It takes ZERO skill.  I just crumbled up tissue paper and stapled it to the board.  Seriously- easiest thing ever.  Then I hot-glued the mega googly eye and mouth that I just quickly cut out of black paper.  The feet are from an Educlips monster that I just printed extra large. 

Book covers you ask?  I just google searched images for books that I know the 5th graders are into right now.  I also might have snuck some of my favorites in to encourage them to try something new!

 If you LOVE Monsters as much as I do there are a couple of things you need to do!

1.  Check out this post my Amy that has a fantastic freebie

2. Go to StorylineOnline to hear Lily Tomlin read Hey That's My Monster.

3. Check out Amy and my October Rooted in Reading units for both 2nd and 3rd grade!

Hope y'all are having a great start to October!

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  1. Interesting mix of October topics for this blog! Your home decorating for Halloween is moxie fab-u-lous!!!! The monster theme bulletin board for a teacher friend is super cute!!! Terrific ideas and teaching resources, so keep on posting!

  2. Lily Tomlin is one of my favorite comedian, Her comic timing is amazing. It is glad that she liked your book. Please keep sharing.

    Lily Tomlin Event Booking


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