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September Rooted in Reading!

Can you believe it is almost September??? For some of you in the south and other places in the country you have probably be in school for a couple of weeks!  I also know some areas like where our good friend Erica lives you don't go back to school until after Labor Day!

Amy and I have SO enjoyed seeing all your wonderful pictures using Rooted in Reading in your classrooms (Don't forget to use our hashtag #rootedinreading on instagram).  I am also getting to see work from our program coming home with Emmie.  She loves sharing about all that she is learning from the August unit!  We wanted to give you a little picture tour of the September unit as you get ready for next month!

The books in September are some of the best of the best! I have loved When I was Young in the Mountains since I was a little girl! 

Here are my Amazon links for these books if you are are wanting to purchase.  Please, please look elsewhere for Wilfred or put it on your wishlist, I have no idea why it is so expensive! 

Now for a close look at the unit!

Amy's directed drawings are SO good and really activate the learner's thinking about the book! I am pretty sure the the salamander tail is my favorite though!

We thought Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge would make a great opportunity to work with Grandparents' Day!  You can easily adjust hair and skin color to match your students' loved ones!

Look at all these grammar opportunities for the students!

Amy also included Anchor Chart ideas in each unit as well!

Every lesson comes with an interactive notebook printable for your students to share their thinking or takeaway.  I was in Emma's class yesterday and some kids were reading the passages with partners, some kids were completing Amy's grammar activities, and other were writing in their notebooks about the comprehension skills. It made me SO happy!
With each week of plans you have a Nonfiction reader that ties to the book in some way!
AND last but not least the focus posters are wonderful additions to your Reading board or can even be copied and sent home with students to show parents what their kids are learning!

You can find all four weeks of lesson plans and activities here: 

Last year Amy and I complied this document below that addresses all the standards and also contains a list of supplemental books that are suggested pairs for each week!

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