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***C. Jayne Teach Giveaway***

Please forgive me for my absence the last two weeks, but I am pretty sure y'all understand the twelve kinds of crazy that is the end of the school year!

My delightfully awesome friend Chandra decided to brighten the end of the year for me by sending these gorgeous goodies!  

These treats just so happen to be from Chandra's new line!

Ummm did you hear Emmie squealing from your house when she saw the library stickers with her name on them!?  The large notepad in the week is a new version of the one Chandra sent me last year.  The pad is a perfect way to organize all those lists we teachers like to create!

This cheery notebook is already hosting my Summer To-Do lists.  Those lists look a little bit different than my During-the-Year lists and include lots of sun, sand, and surf!

I just love, love, love this next product!  These guided reading mats will come in handy with my RTI kids next year, but in the mean time Nash and Emmie will put them to use this summer!

I hope you are still with me, because this last product is my FAVORITE! I just adore these simple and sweet notepads.  They will be perfect for the fifty trips to the nurse a day. I kid- maybe just forty-five trips a day.
In fact, I love these notepads so much, that Chandra agreed to let me give one away to a lucky reader!
Follow the directions on the rafflecopter and make sure to head over to the C. Jayne Teach Shop to browse the new line!

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  1. Love the notepad! Thanks for the opportunity to win! =)


  2. So adorable! Loving the new line! Fingers crossed!!! :)


  3. I love her products! I ordered last year and can't wait to look at her new stuff! So classy and fun!

  4. Ya! What a great give-a-way.

  5. I love the notepad! I'll have to wait for a promo code or a teacher to order with me. I can't justify paying $5 for shipping on just that haha Maybe I will though with my next paycheck :-P

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