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Superhero Students, a freebie, and a SALE

I can’t wait to prep my new unit for my Second Graders! 


I wanted to focus on my expectations without listing a whole bunch of rules-- I prefer to focus on the positive!

For example, instead of “No talking while the teacher is talking,” I included a Characteristic Poster about “Being alert and having eyes on the speaker” like a superhero!

I also changed the wording from Second Graders to “Superhero Students” for you all!


Here is my Table of Contents for the unit:



I also included this freebie from the pack in my preview! Just click on the picture and download my preview to get this handout!


And just in case you somehow haven’t heard about the GIGANTIC sale on TPT yet…here’s your friendly reminder from me :)

B2s saleThanks for the adorable button Amy Lemons!

Here are a few units that you might be interested in snagging during the SALE:

Numberssum fall fun    

Slide1 Slide1

ALL Busy Teachers pic


photo (12)

Slide1Now….I have some SERIOUS shopping to do :)

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  1. Love it! This will be perfect for my superhero themed classroom.


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