Follow up on Behavior Clip Chart and Freebie

I had read on Jodi's blog The Clutter-free Classroom that one of the best things she had ever done in her classroom was start a behavior clip chart. Well let me quote her BEST. THING. EVER. Flipping Cards-Sign the Book- Name on the board- no system at all. I have tried them all. The Clip chart is the best for the following reasons:

1. I hang it on the side of my lockers so that it is not a focus of our day, but I can easily move it to the front of the room to praise a child.

2. My teacher pleasers are rewarded-- and my stinkers. It is so easy to build a child up by simply saying-- "Ben, I love how you helped Jackson out with his problem. Go move your clip up."

3. I have record of their daily behaviors without all the hassle on me. I created a form that stays in my kids S.A.F.A.R.I binders and they color in their behavior for the day right before they pack up.

Click Here to download.

4. I can reward them without having a darn treasure box- never liked those things, ever. I am going to use my zebra-loving-soul-sister Christie from First Grade Fever's adorable punch cards to keep track of their progress. When they fill out the punch card they can pick a reward out of the binder. You should have seen their faces when I read swap seats with a friend for the day. You would have thought I promised them the moon.

Thanks for hanging out!

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  1. Could you tell me all the saying on the levels for the clip chart? I too have a jungle theme and have been trying to come up with some good sayings and I love yours! Thanks :)

  2. Go here to read more:
    Sorry I should have linked that in the post!

  3. I just started using the clip chart two days ago and I love it too. I love highlighting the good. I even had someone reach the top today. Thanks for sharing your recording system. I came up with something, but I like yours better. Thanks! ~Amanda @ The Teaching Thief

  4. Hey Katie! So glad you're able to use the punch card-Thanks for linking to my blog! I LOVE the clip chart- staying up late tonight to make one of these things! I have so many kiddos that "shine" & this is a perfect way to recognize them!!! I'm adding your behavior log to my SAFARI Folder tomorrow! {My firsties also about flipped when I read the prize passes that they could earn from the "Prize Pass Catalog"! {Stinky Feet was a real hit!!!}
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  5. I have always used a type of chart so that my kids can move up and down through the various levels. I have my colors go in rainbow order but I love how yours follows the more traditional 'red=not good'. I just created a sheet for my outstanding behavior kids that will go home in their daily folders. Check it out here at my site!

    Classic Crafter

  6. this is new to me alway used the cards before So the way they move is by showing good behavior. I have 32 kid, just wondering how this would look. would kids always be getting up to move their clip. what happens to the kids who don't move? what do you do for kids who truly misbehave and are disruptive?

  7. Great Ideas! I'm always looking for a better system so perhaps this will be the way to go...

    ✪ Liam ✪
    Twist of Liam

  8. @Mrs. M- I use itty bitty clips with their number on them (each child has a number for line up order) I have 24 but seven more would easily fit.

  9. It's your choice when to move their clips so I really quietly whisper to them... I don't let it become a distraction!

  10. I actually move the clips for my kids.. but I'm very vocal about it to reinforce or correct the behaviors. My kiddos are really just learning about school and how to act so it helps this see over and over what's expected or what's not allowed.

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  12. What is the S.A.F.A.R.I binder?

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  14. Hi Katie, I love that you use a clip chart! I am a kindergarten teacher and I created a clip chart software that matches what you are already using in the classroom! I would love for you to try it out and want to give you a free trial so that you can review it! Check it out at and email me at to get set up for your free trial!

    Kristin from Color My Day

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